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The recent use of XL Extended tennis rackets has show how a slightly longer tennis racquet can in fact generate more power and spin.
Normal 27 inch racquets are being challenged by the slightly longer frames of 27.5 and even 28..Most players that use a 27 are getting the XTP cap to make their racquets 27.5 and some players that are already playing with a factory 27.5 are going to 28 inches.
Whatever your preclivicly 27.5,28 or more try the XTP to get you their.
But keep in mind our current design XTP is a half inch extension and yes some players are getting more than half an inch but this involves further customizing by the user and our team here at XTP is working on more designs, Like the XTP Xtended Tennis Product and Taper SYSTEM that includes the entire racquet that we have several patents on as well.
More to be revealed on that layer.

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  1. With the recent press in Tennis Industry magazine,this is the simplest way for players to take their own standard length 27 inch racquets and make it a XL model.
    Normally takes about 30 to 40 minutes to remove factory butt cap and “Heatfit” a XTP cap on their racquet now making it a 27.5,or for those who already have a 27.5 are going to now make it a XL 28 incher.
    We have videos and pictures and blogs about customizing any make racquet with XTP.
    Normally customizing a racquet to XL cost more than 100.00 to do from a tennis shop,now almost anyone with some know how can STRETCH their own racquets.
    And if they do not like the new XL after the customization most times can return it to original specs again.
    Truly. John

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