XTP Xtended Tennis Product & Pickleball paddles.


We get many many Pickleball players also wanting that extra half inch of length to their paddles and XTP can give that to ANY manufacturers paddle.
Wilson Xtp XL USA made pickleball paddle uses XTP Xtended Technology.
Most Pickleball players frequently notice how typically short the handel is on many paddles,especially the XL model paddles in the game of pickleball. Since by design the longer the blade is the handle must be made shorter to allow for a longel XL blade.
Keep in mind if your paddle is at overall maximum lenghth you may in fact be over maximum USAPA requirements by adding the XTP butt cap.If your not playing sanctioned tournaments having a paddle slighly longer than this usally is not a problem in club play.
If your paddle like many models are not maxed out to legal lenght limit already your ok by Xtending your paddle for tournament play.
Make sure to know your gripsize befor you order the XTP cap,we have found that most,but not all,typically use a L2 4 1/4 size cap needed.
And when installing the XTP cap utilize our patented “HeatFit”method of heating the cap up to 155 degrees befor installing,this expands and softens the cap,use a small amount of FLEXIBLE rubber cement and you can also restaple if necessary for secure fit.
Adding half an inch can make the whole difference of having a short handle paddle seem much more comfortable to play with,along with having more power and reach and spin do to XL lenghth.
If you have any questions about the product feel free to call.
Thx.john of XTP sports.